How are markets and Marketing affecting society?


Today, markets are becoming increasingly fragmented, Marketing is international, competition is global and new technology means that customers can get exactly what they want.

But how is this ever growing concept effecting society and what is the extent of its power?

I believe that technology is a big driver of new activity today. It is very important in today’s society because it enables people to exchange information and goods more effectively. This has resulted in globalisation, where businesses can better connect with people all over the world and products become global a lot faster than they used to. This is partly because of the rise of social media as promotional tools for products and services.

I created a Facebook advertisement video for the Herts10k Campaign and within 7 days it had reached 19,100 people with 7.5k views. This has shown me first hand, how quickly things on social media can circulate.

In addition, Instagram have recently decided to put the popular posts at the top which means that promotional messages may be filtered out or pushed down lower in the feed, thus marketers have to find other ways to boost their publicity such as Facebook Ads, which can be very expensive.

Millions of pounds are spent on adverts a year, and a fairly popular phenomenon is the use of desirable celebrities in adverts and this is not always a positive thing. In the past, certain celebrities being associated with particular adverts have caused uproar. For example, Nicole Kidman who is a goodwill ambassador for women was paid millions to appear in the Arab Emirates advert in which they were seen as not conforming to gender equality in society. This can have a negative impact on the product/service which emphasises the importance and power of technology in marketing today.

Furthermore, there is the idea that advertising is not truthful and thus can sell a false image, particularly to young girls. Justin Bieber and Katy Perry appeared in the ‘Miracle’ skin clearing cream advert which was banned because it was seen as misleading. This also has given the false image that celebrities have ‘perfect skin’.

In addition, big brands are dominating markets of today which is leading to the creation of brand communities.  Customers rely on certain brands and remain loyal to them because they are certain they will live up to their expectations, thus making it harder for smaller, less well-known companies to compete with them. In society this is bad, because people will follow one trend, thus feel as though they need to ‘follow the crowd’ or ‘stay on trend’, and often these brands are quite pricey. This emphasises my belief that Marketing has evolved into such a powerful thing in peoples lives, as they feel a sort of personal connection with certain brands.

Overall, I believe that Marketing holds such a powerful place in society because it has the ability to really get into the publics minds and influences them in ways more than just buying the product (what the ‘perfect look’ consists of and what they should buy to fit in and be on trend). This stresses the fact that although Marketing can be good for making a product or business known, it can have some adverse effects on society as these can be for the wrong reasons. This is why I believe that the future of Marketing should entail campaigns with positive, realistic and effective messages, especially within the beauty sector.

Katie Walker

Marketing Intern

August 2017

Josh Hamit

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