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Ten Marketing predictions for 2016 - Cerco
Ten Marketing predictions for 2016

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Here at Cerco Communications we’ve been discussing what we think is going to be big in Marketing during 2016.   We have looked at the interesting announcements over the last few days at the Consumer Electronics Show which gives a hint of what the leading brands think is the next big trend and reviewed the various predictions from the leading Marketing websites.

Below we have outlined ten predictions that we are anticipating will become important in the next twelve months for all businesses, including smaller ones.



1.       Mobile will completely dominate, making the desktop almost redundant. In 2015, Google announced for the first time that mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic in 10 different countries; they also announced the introduction of an algorithm designed to phase out sites that are not optimised for mobile.


2.      2016 will be the Year of the Video. There are a host of sites that will cater to your video needs, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook Live, Periscope, Twitter Video and of course YouTube. Consumers currently have an insatiable desire for video that companies can capitalise on to really capture their imagination.


3.      Live Streaming will be hugely popular. Facebook Live will allow businesses to stream live to their consumers. Periscope is already a frontrunner in this industry but the new Facebook feature is likely to make Live Streaming accessible to everyone.


4.      You name it; there will be an App for it. Mobile friendly sites are great, but an App offers an extra level of navigation and functionality.


5.        Personalised Ads will go too far: Currently our ads are personalised to such a degree that they know our search history and advertise certain products accordingly. Rumours in recent months suggest that Amazon want to introduce a feature that knows what products we want to buy, before we even know ourselves. Is this a handy feature or too invasive?


6.      Marketers will see the part that Advocate Marketing has to play in their marketing strategies. Less than 1% of all the names B2B marketers add to their database convert into revenue; meanwhile, leads referred by happy customers convert at 5 times that rate.


7.      The word Content will be used A LOT. Companies are beginning to understand that Content, and being able to produce and deliver it effectively, is vital to a successful Marketing strategy.


8.      As Marketers increasingly focus on the importance of Content, the best brands will look very good at creating content and creating a bond with the audience, forming a clear divide in the industry between those who are clearly good at what they do, and those who pretend they are.


9.      There is a clear demand for content that is aesthetically pleasing, and if Marketers can expand Virtual Reality from the confines of immersive events such as gaming, this could be popular with many companies. The surge in interest in live streaming coupled with the advancements in Virtual Reality holds a lot of promise.


10.  Machine language is changing the way we search for things. Products like Siri are growing in functionality and these will create a new form of optimisation. Companies need to ensure their business information is easily accessible to these digital assistants in order to capitalise.


Things are moving very fast in Marketing and companies of all sizes need to keep up with the latest developments.


Josh Hamit

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