Tweet with care during the Olympics

This Olympics is the first one in which the social media platform is being used by millions of sports fans worldwide to follow their sporting heroes, to comment on the opening ceremony or just to keep up to date with the news from the games.

Sadly, however, it is also being used by those whose comments are causing distress – in the case of the Twitter troll being investigated by police after posting cruel messages about Tom Daley, the motivation is particularly hard to understand.

Perhaps we have all got so used to saying what we think on social media that the trolls do not consider the effect their words will have on sports people who have trained for many years to reach the ultimate goal, the Olympics.

Their words could adversely affect the performance of Team GB – which nobody wants.

So we should all tweet with care over the next few weeks.

The pen (finger) could be mightier than the javelin, sail or discus!

Josh Hamit

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