What next for social media as it comes of age?

As social media comes of age and is no longer the new kid on the block, what next?

At a recent seminar hosted by Precise Exchange and CorpComms Magazine the message was clear – apply traditional marketing criteria and do not attempt to communicate with everyone, even if you are a large corporation.

When social media first arrived many companies threw out their usual caution and posted entirely inappropriate content on the wrong channels.

There are still many empty Facebook pages started by long-gone enthusiasts at accountancy practices and legal firms.

Now that social media is no longer new maybe it will start to be seen as part of the marketing and communications tool kit available to every business, regardless of size. And used as such with an objective, strategy and tactics applied to it.

However, perhaps the difference with social media is that anyone can use it at any time so – unlike say direct mail – everyone in the company becomes a communicator and marketer.

If social media starts to change the way companies communicate both internally and externally then it really will have of age.

Josh Hamit

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